Tesauro Político Electoral

"Es una relación ordenada de los términos (relacionados entre sí) que se incluyen o describen de forma individual libros, documentos, etc., y que forman parte del catálogo de la biblioteca del Instituto Nacional Electoral."

"It is an ordered relationship of the terms (related to each other) that are included or described individually in books, documents, etc., and which form part of the library catalog of the National Electoral Institute."

NPRIE Probation Thesaurus

"The NPRIE Probation Thesaurus has been developed over many years by librarians and information managers within Probation trusts in England and Wales including Alida Teijken, Andrew Parkes, Cath Fell, Helen Parris, Hilary Lawrenson, Jill Whiteman, Judith Sawbridge, Kath Oates and Steve Burgess. The thesaurus covers general and technical terminology used in the Criminal Justice System in the United Kingdom; and also terms relating to law and social sciences.


"Humord er en norsk tesaurus for humaniora og samfunnsvitenskap med tilgrensende fagområder. Humord er også et indekseringssamarbeid innen rammene av biblioteksystemet BIBSYS."

"A thesaurus that originates from the humanities and social sciences, but has grown to cover most subjects. The vocabulary contains 17956 concepts, with terms in Norwegian Bokmål only. Mapping to Dewey is an ongoing project."

Centro de Documentación INTAL Tesauro

"Este servicio permite realizar búsqueda por temas, navegando por las diferentes áreas de conocimiento y seleccionando el ó los términos para realizar una consulta. Los términos se ordenan jerárquicamente mostrando la relación de especificidad entre unos y otros."

"This service allows you to search by topics, navigating the different areas of knowledge and selecting the term or terms to make a query. The terms are hierarchically ordered showing the relationship of specificity between them."

Health Thesaurus

"The 7th edition of the Health Thesaurus has been developed by the Departmental Library for use in all areas of the Department of Health. The Health Thesaurus is a living working tool which assists consistency and subject retrieval of health concepts. By standardising concepts to one single subject heading, the Thesaurus forms the basis for a common terminology within the Department.

Thesaurus Italiano Infanzia e Adolescenza

"Il Th.I.A. accoglie in un vocabolario controllato tutti i termini impiegati nella soggettazione di ogni tipo di documento acquisito dal Centro (bibliografico, giuridico, statistico e filmografico). L'impostazione tematica si ispira a una griglia di argomenti elaborata da Alfredo Carlo Moro, già presidente del Centro nazionale.
Il Thesaurus ha un approccio interdisciplinare ed è strutturato in sette ambiti tematici: Cultura, Educazione, Infanzia e Adolescenza, Istituzioni, Processi psicologici, Salute, Società e si compone di parte alfabetica e una gerarchica."

The Italian Thesaurus on Childhood and Adolescence (Th.I.A.) contains all the terms used to enter the documents acquired by the Centre (bibliographic materials, rules and regulations, statistics and films) into a subject catalogue. The chosen topics derive from a list elaborated by Alfredo Carlo Moro, former Chairperson of the National Centre.