Controlled Vocabularies for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging

"These thesauri provide standardized vocabulary for retrieving special collections materials by form, genre, or by various physical characteristics that are typically of interest to researchers and special collections librarians, and for relating materials to individuals or corporate bodies."

Thesaurus Mass Communication

"The thesaurus comprises two parts. The first arranges the descriptors by subject fields in an introductory general scheme. The second part of the thesaurus contains an alphabetical list of descriptors. The thesaurus is a documentation language devised for the purpose of analysing works, articles, reports and other documents referring to the problems of mass communication according to the particular medium to which they refer: books, the press, records, films, radio or television.

Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

"The thesaurus includes more than 7,000 subject terms and 650 genre/format terms to index types of photographs, prints, design drawings, ephemera, and other pictures. In 2007, the subject and genre/format vocabularies, previously maintained separately, were merged into a single list and migrated to new software, MultiTes. The Thesaurus for Graphic Materials is a tool for indexing visual materials by subject and by genre/format."

Thésaurus de la Désignation des Objets Mobiliers

"Le Thésaurus de la désignation des objets mobiliers constitue la réédition, revue et complétée, de l'outil élaboré par l’Inventaire général des monuments et richesses artistiques de la France et édité en 2001 par les éditions du patrimoine, dans la collection Documents & méthodes. Treize ans plus tard, il a paru nécessaire de reprendre l'ouvrage pour, d'une part, introduire les concepts que les nouveaux domaines de recherche ont fait émerger, et d'autre part, en faire un véritable outil documentaire numérique."

Thésaurus de la Désignation des Œuvres Architecturales et Mobilières

"Le thésaurus de la désignation développe sous une forme méthodique les 1135 termes utiles à la désignation des oeuvres architecturales et les 2529 utiles à la désignation des oeuvres mobilières. L'organisation propre au thesaurus permet ainsi de situer chaque terme dans une hiérarchie dont les entrées principales sont classées selon des catégories fonctionnelles liées à l'usage religieux, funéraire, industriel, etc. Il comporte en outre tous les renvois nécessaires, des définitions sommaires, des notes d'utilisation.

"The thesaurus of the designation develops in a methodical form the 1135 terms useful for the designation of architectural works and the 2529 useful for the designation of the movable works The organization proper to the thesaurus thus makes it possible to situate each term in a hierarchy whose entries Are categorized according to functional categories related to religious, funeral, industrial, etc. It also includes all necessary references, summary definitions, use notes, etc.

The Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names

"TGN is a structured vocabulary currently containing around 1,106,000 names and other information about places. Names for a place may include names in the vernacular language, English, other languages, historical names, names and in natural order and inverted order. Among these names, one is flagged as the preferred name. TGN is a thesaurus, compliant with ISO and NISO standards for thesaurus construction; it contains hierarchical, equivalence, and associative relationships. Note that TGN is not a GIS (Geographic Information System).

Telecommunications Object Thesaurus

"The structure is designed to accommodate additional terms. It is hierarchically structured using the 'kind of' rule, eg public telephone kiosk is a kind of telephone kiosk, but you can also find terms by a search function and an A-Z index. Importantly, this thesaurus has a wiki facility so you can add additional scope notes and non-preferred terms straightaway. Connected Earth's Telecommunciations Object Thesaurus gives a common language for telecommunciations heritage objects."

Powerhouse Museum Object Names Thesaurus

"The thesaurus has been developed specifically for our collection. The Powerhouse collection covers a wide variety of subject areas and many different types of objects are included. There are approximately 8,600 terms. But we do not claim to have a comprehensive list of all objects and we are actively seeking contributions to broaden the appeal of the thesaurus. We have recently added a number of new terms at the request of the National Museum of Australia, and we continue to work with them in developing the thesaurus.