subject heading scheme

Lemmario per la Catalogazione dell'Abito e degli Elementi Vestimentari

"Il lemmario-guida è finalizzato alla compilazione della scheda Abito-elementi vestimentari.
Contiene termini relativi a:

"" "The lemmario-guide is aimed at compiling the Dress-Dresser Board.
Contains terms related to:
- single, complete garments and clothing items covering men's, feminine and infantile clothing and related to the main purposes of use and the various occasions of life
Private and social; Were considered essential historical typologies of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and those relating to garments still in use;
- garments and items relating to underwear and hosiery;

Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music

"Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) has long included headings that represent the genre or form of musical works in combination with the mediums of performance (e.g., Sonatas (Trombone and organ); Concertos (Bassoon, clarinet, English horn, flute)), as well as headings that represent the mediums of performance alone (e.g., Bass clarinet and piano music). The structure of the headings can sometimes be of marginal utility to researchers, who may be most interested in finding music for a particular combination of instruments and are less focused on the genre of the music.

Vocabulário Controlado do SIBi/USP

"O Vocabulário Controlado USP, é uma lista de assuntos utilizada para a indexação de recursos de informação no Banco de Dados Bibliográficos da USP – DEDALUS. O Vocabulário abrange as áreas do conhecimento inerentes às atividades de ensino, pesquisa e extensão da Universidade de São Paulo, e é constituído de termos de entrada, entre os autorizados para indexação, os termos "não-autorizados", que operam como remissivas, e os elos "falsos", os quais apenas agrupam termos mais específicos.

"The USP Controlled Vocabulary is a list of subjects used for the indexing of information resources in the Bibliographic Database of USP - DEDALUS. The Vocabulary covers the areas of knowledge inherent to the teaching, research and extension activities of the University of São Paulo. The USP Controlled Vocabulary can be used by the information units to index their collections through a query in that interface (Website); However, it will not be available for export to systems outside of USP.

Svenska ämnesord

"Svenska ämnesord (SAO) är ett kontrollerat ämnesordssystem med nästan 38 000 termer från alla ämnesområden. Systemet har funnits sedan 2000 och används av de flesta högskole- och universitetsbibliotek och av många LIBRIS-bibliotek. I Svenska ämnesord kan du hitta ämnesord för att söka i bibliotekskataloger och andra databaser, och för att indexera facklitteratur och annat material.

"Swedish subject headings (SAO) is a controlled subject headings system containing 38 000 terms from all disciplines. The system has been around since 2000 and is used by most university libraries and many LIBRIS libraries. In Swedish subject headings, you can find subject headings to search library catalogs and other databases, and to index the literature and other materials."


"Realfagstermer er et kontrollert, pre-koordinert emneordsvokabular som i hovedsak dekker naturvitenskap, matematikk og informatikk. Emneordene er publisert som frie, åpne data, og inneholder per januar 2015 rundt 15 000 emneord som kan brukes frittstående, eller kombinert til strenger (nærmere 16 000 strenger per januar 2015)."

"Realfagstermer is a multilingual, controlled vocabulary of pre-coordinated subject headings which mainly covers the physical sciences, mathematics and computer science. It is maintained by the University of Oslo Science Library in collaboration with the University of Bergen Science Library, and covers mainly the physical sciences, mathematics and computer science. As of January 2015, the vocabulary consists of approximately 15 000 single concept headings, and about 16 000 compound headings ("subject strings"), published as open data for everyone to use freely."

Mandragore Descripteur et Classement thématique

"Descripteur et Classement thématique: les descripteurs sont accessibles par l’index (écran Recherche) et par le Classement thématique. Celui-ci, s’inspirant de la Classification de Dewey, permet de connaître tous les descripteurs relevant d’un domaine précis utilisés dans Mandragore, certains descripteurs pouvant relever de plusieurs domaines. Il donne également accès à la notice complète du descripteur qui contient parfois, en note, des renseignements complémentaires."

"Descriptor and Thematic classification: the descriptors are accessible by the index (search screen) and by the thematic classification, which, based on the Dewey Classification, allows to know all the descriptors coming from a specific domain used In Mandragore, some descriptors that can be covered by several domains and gives access to the full description of the descriptor which sometimes contains additional information.