subject heading scheme

Filipiniana Subject Authority File

"Subject authority headings for Filipiniana materials.This will contain terms on: 1. Works about the Philippines, its people and culture regardless of author, imprint, and language 2. Works written by Filipinos 3. Works written in Filipino or other native Philippine languages 4. Philippine Government publications such as yearbooks, annual reports, etc. 5. Other publications containing substantial content on the Philippines."

Vocabulario Controlado para México 1968: Recursos de Información

"El vocabulario en cuestión se construyó con base en el análisis temático de documentos recopilados y transcritos por María de los Ángeles Knochenhauer durante el movimiento estudiantil de 1968 en México. El archivo incluye fuentes primarias tales como panfletos, cartas abiertas al público y notas publicadas en periódicos de circulación nacional de julio a diciembre de ese año, todo esto suma 597 documentos. Además de la transcripción, Knochenhauer elaboró los índices de documentos y de nombres, varias cronologías y resúmenes de los documentos cuando estos eran muy extensos.

CINAHL Subject Headings

"The CINAHL subject headings are based on the MeSH headings, with additional specific nursing and allied health headings added as appropriate. Each year, the headings are updated and revised relative to terminology needed in these fields. In addition, new terms from MeSH may be added as well."


Web NDL Authorities is a service by the National Diet Library (NDL), Japan, to access authority data created and maintained by the NDL. Name headings or Subject headings are assigned to the bibliographic data to distinguish different people with the same name or to identify people who use pseudonyms, nonstandard spellings, transliterated names, or other variants. To control these headings, authority data is organized to indicate alternative headings, synonyms, and the basis of choice for the headings.

OLAC Video Game Vocabulary

"Video games are extremely popular materials held by both public libraries and academic libraries. There is a compelling need for a robust genre vocabulary for cataloging video games that will aid users in identifying video game titles by genre. (...) The OLAC video game genre vocabulary includes sixty-six genre terms, each with a scope note to help librarians choose the correct term when cataloging video games. The vocabulary is fully cross-referenced and includes authoritative sources to corroborate the usage of the genre term as applied to video games.

Wessex Annotated Subject Heading Index

"This annotated index to the Wessex Classification Scheme was produced primarily for cataloguers within the SWIMS Network (formerly SWRLIN) Cataloguing Co-operative. The Classification Scheme has been adopted by other library networks in the UK and is widely used. Each indexing term in the annotated index refers to a suggested classification number or numbers within the Wessex Scheme. The index, however, should never be used as a classification tool on its own.

Thésaurus Biodiversité

"Ce thésaurus bilingue structure les concepts-clefs de la biodiversité dans ses composantes écologiques fondamentales et appliquées. Il utilise la polyhiérarchie et comprend 400 relations associatives. Chaque descripteur présente un grand nombre de synonymes et de variantes interrogeables en français et en anglais. Les concepts sont regroupés par catégories sémantiques, par domaines et par classes d'EBV. Des définitions sont données avec leur source."

"This bilingual thesaurus structures the key-concepts of biodiversity in its fundamental and applied ecological components. It uses the polyhierarchy and includes 400 associative relationships. Each descriptor has a large number of synonyms and searchable variants in English and French languages. The concepts are grouped by semantic categories, domains and EBV classes. Definitions are given with their source."

Vocabulaire d'électronique et d'opto-électronique

"Vocabulaire utilisé pour l’indexation des références bibliographiques de la base de données PASCAL jusqu’en 2014, dans le domaine de l'électronique. Cette ressource comprend 4454 entrées regroupées en 19 collections."

"Vocabulary used for indexing bibliographical records dealing with “Electronics” in the PASCAL database, until 2014. This resource contains 4454 entries classified under 19 collections."