name authority list

Controle de Autoridades

"A base de controle de autoridades contém nomes padronizados de artistas plásticos, historiadores, críticos nacionais e estrangeiros, juntamente com suas variações de nomes, data e local de nascimento e morte, área de atuação entre outras informações. Contém também, os nomes padronizados de entidades coletivas como museus, galerias, fundações entre outras instituições relacionadas às artes visuais."

Library of Congress Name Authority File

"The Library of Congress Name Authority File (NAF) file provides authoritative data for names of persons, organizations, events, places, and titles. Its purpose is the identification of these entities and, through the use of such controlled vocabulary, to provide uniform access to bibliographic resources. Names descriptions also provide access to a controlled form of name through references from unused forms, e.g.

EAGLE Vocabulary - Dating Criteria

"The common use among Members of the BPN is to insert, when this information is available two dates. A 'Not before' and 'Not after' dates. This is still a best practice and has been preserved as such in any encoding. There are nevertheless divergences on historical periods and indeed in the way computations are done. In many cases only a generic date is possible.