Ελληνοαγγλικό λεξικό ασφαλιστικών και οικονομικών ορών

"Το παρόν λεξικό ασφαλιστικών και οικονομικών όρων περιλαμβάνει πλέον των 1500 όρων και έγινε με κίνητρο την αγάπη που έχουμε για την δουλειά μας σαν πραγματογνώμονες. Επειδή όμως δεν είμαστε γλωσσολόγοι ή λεξικογράφοι, καθιστούμε σαφές ότι δεν θα πρέπει να θεωρηθεί ότι είναι πλήρες και συνεπώς θα πρέπει να ανατρέξετε και σε άλλα επίσημα έντυπα λεξικά."

"This term of insurance and financial terms contains more than 1500 terms and has been motivated by the love we have for our work as an expert, but because we are not linguists or lexicographers, we make it clear that it should not be considered complete and therefore You should also refer to other official printed dictionaries. "

CASRAI Dictionary

"The dictionary is shared infrastructure meant to serve as a key component of the national and international interoperability strategies of research organizations. It represents the integrated outputs (and ongoing maintenance) of an international network of subject matter experts from stakeholder organizations. The dictionary is intended as a canonical collection of common terms and their descriptors as well as basic structural groupings to facilitate controlled information exchanges between stakeholders.


"UZEI, Terminologia eta Lexikografia Zentroko hiztegi guztietako fitxa terminologikoak biltzen ditu. Fitxak sailkatuta daude, gaiaren arabera. Euskaltzaindiaren arauen arabera eta batzorde teknikoetan eta Terminologia Batzordean hartutako erabakien arabera eguneratzen da. UZEIk egindako hiztegi berriak bertan integratzen dira. Gaiaren arabera, fitxen gaurkotasun-balioa aldakorra da. Adibidez, urte asko pasatu dira Politika, Filosofia edo Fisika hiztegiak egin zirenetik. Gai horiek ez dira sistematikoki landu geroztik.

"This covers all lexica and sections of vocabulary drawn up by UZEI, Basque Centre for Terminology and Lexicography. It currently holds more than 100,000 terminological records, with the equivalent terms in Spanish, French, English and Latin (in taxonomy). Terms are constantly updated according to the rules of Euskaltzaindia (Royal Academy of the Basque Language) and the proposals for terminology normalization (technical committees and Terminology Commission)."


"Le DAMT a été conçu et entrepris en 2004 par Jeanne Dancette, professeure au Département de linguistique et de traduction, Université de Montréal, avec l’aide de collaborateurs rédactionnels et techniques. Le DAMT présente sous forme de mini-articles encyclopédiques les concepts liés à la mondialisation économique et sociale et notamment à ses répercussions sur les relations industrielles. Il touche à des disciplines multiples : la sociologie, le droit, l’économie, le commerce et la gestion.

"The DAMT is a unique multilingual dictionary grouping the concepts of globalization, economics and social issues pertaining to the field of Industrial Relations. This Dictionary was started in 2004 under Jeanne Dancette’s direction, professor at the Department of Linguistics and Translation, Université de Montréal. The aim is to provide better understanding of the concepts of globalization, economics and labour. This is why a typical entry contains a definition, a context and a descriptive summary of the concept referred to, as well as a list of associated terms.

Porth Termau Cenedlaethol Cymru

"The Centre for the Standardization of Welsh Terminology has been active in Wales since 1993, producing numerous terminology dictionaries in that time, both in printed form and in innovative digital formats. This Terminology Portal is a free, convenient, national resource which provides a one-stop shop for your terminology needs, allowing you to search through most of those terminology dictionaries on the web.

Glossario di Tecnica, Informatica, Documentazione e Contrattualistica per i Trasporti in Particolare Marittimi

"Il glossario è stato ricavato mediante fusione di diverse fonti, le cui rispettive voci rimangono riconoscibili mediante i colori associati:
UTi dictionary - UTi Worldwide Inc. (ex UNION TRANSPORT) http://www.utrac.com/dictionary/a.htm
LIBRO VERDE SULLA POLITICA DI SPETTRO RADIO nel contesto delle politiche della Comunità europea: telecomunicazioni, radioemissioni, trasporti e R&S

"The glossary has been obtained by fusion of different sources, whose respective voices remain recognizable by the associated colors:
  UTi dictionary - UTi Worldwide Inc. (ex UNION TRANSPORT) http://www.utrac.com/dictionary/a.htm
  GREEN PAPER ON POLICY OF SPECTROAD RADIO in the context of European Community policies: telecommunications, radio-broadcasting, transport and R & D

Key Concepts of Museology

"A common language that conveys the complex reality of current social and cultural values–ethical, aesthetic, scientific and technological–remains a constant concern for those in charge of transmitting a message to society, particularly in the field of museology. In this context, the International Committee of ICOM for Museology (ICOFOM) developed the booklet “Key Concepts of Museology”, an avant-première of the complete Dictionary of Museology, a reference tool that will provide museum professionals worldwide with a common language.