Information Technology Glossary of Terms and Phrases

"The IF4IT’s IT Glossary is intended to be a centralized, thorough, public and freely available repository of Information Technology 'Operations' (or 'Operational') terms. By Operations/Operational we mean that these terms address how Information Technology resources 'work' and the concepts they need to perform their work. The glossary consists of thousands of of terms that are consistent with how IT leaders lead and how IT workers work, across all industries.

e-Science Thesaurus

"The e-Science Thesaurus is a resource that supports and provides direction to the health sciences and science and technology library community by exploring the terminology, literature, and resources that describe and inform librarians about patron instruction, collection development, and research services related to e-Science and research data management principles and practice. The Thesaurus strives to describe the concepts, services, tools and resources required to create, curate, preserve and disseminate digital scholarship.

Glossary of Terms Relating to Thesauri and Other Forms of Structured Vocabulary for Information Retrieval

"Confusion often arises when different people use terms to mean different things. In drawing up the following list I am grateful for suggestions and comments from three consultant colleagues who specialise in the development and use of thesauri and other forms of structured vocabulary for information retrieval: Stella Dextre Clarke, Alan Gilchrist and Ron Davies.

Glossario di Organizzazione della Conoscenza

"Versione estesa e aggiornata del glossario pubblicato nel libro 'Organizzare la conoscenza : dalle biblioteche all'architettura dell'informazione per il Web' di Claudio Gnoli, Vittorio Marino e Luca Rosati, Hops, 2006. Hanno collaborato Fulvio Mazzocchi e Riccardo Ridi.
Le voci in italiano sono scritte in tondo, mentre i loro equivalenti inglesi in corsivo. L'illustrazione dei termini ha soprattutto uno scopo esplicativo e non pretende di costituire una definizione perfetta ed esaustiva."

"Extended and up-to-date version of the glossary published in Claudio Gnoli, Vittorio Marino, and Luca Rosati, Hops, 2006. Collaboration with Fulvio Mazzocchi and Riccardo Ridi in the book 'Organizing knowledge: from libraries to the information architecture for the Web'.
The entries in Italian are written in round, while their English equivalents in italics. The illustration of terms is above all an explanatory purpose and does not pretend to constitute a perfect and exhaustive definition. "

Datenbank historischer Personen, Sachen (Lemma) und Ortsnamen

"Das Ziel dieses Projekts ist die Entwicklung einer Datenbank für historische Personen, Orte und Begriffe - und Beziehungen zwischen ihnen - für die Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen. Die Datenbank soll es ermöglichen, alle relevanten Informationen (d. h., mindestens die Informationen, die bislang in den gedruckten Registern enthalten sind) in strukturierter Form zu erfassen und abzufragen; ausserdem soll es möglich sein, aus diesen Daten gedruckte Register für Einzelbände herzustellen.

"The goal of this project is to develop a database for historical persons, places and concepts - and relationships between them - for the collection of Swiss sources of law." The database is intended to allow all relevant information (ie, Which are contained in the printed registers) in a structured form, and it should also be possible to produce printed registers for individual volumes from these data.

Glossary on Assisted Reproductive Technology Terminology

"Many definitions used in medically assisted reproduction (MAR) vary in different settings, making it difficult to standardize and compare procedures in different countries and regions. With the expansion of infertility interventions worldwide, including lower resource settings, the importance and value of a common nomenclature is critical.

Glossary of Architectural Terms

"The mission of the Trust for Architectural Easements is to preserve America’s architectural heritage. We accomplish this mission primarily through the acceptance and stewardship of historic preservation easements. The Trust is one of the largest preservation easement holding organizations in the country, with protected properties in eight states."

Glossary of Talent Acquisition Metrics

"For quite some time now, recruiting organizations have been capturing and monitoring performance data. Additionally, they have been using benchmark data to provide an objective lens through which information can be viewed and comparisons can be made. These comparisons are often used to drive the changes in behavior, strategy, or technology needed to improve performance. However, often the terminology and nomenclature of these metrics varies from company to company or analyst to analyst.