Fachgebärdenlexikon Psychologie Alphabetischer Index

"Die Begriffsliste wurde von gehörlosen und hörenden Studierenden des Faches Psychologie an der Universität Hamburg erstellt, wobei Anregungen aus der Gehörlosenpädagogik sowie der psychologischen und psychotherapeutischen Arbeit mit gehörlosen Personen berücksichtigt wurden.

"The conceptual list was prepared by deaf and hearing students of the Department of Psychology at the University of Hamburg, taking into account suggestions from deaf pedagogy as well as psychological and psychotherapeutic work with deaf people, including the introductory literature of the seven subject areas of general psychology, biopsychology, differential psychology , Developmental and pedagogic psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and social psychology, and was compared with already existing psychological specialties, with the aim of selecting a basic vocabulary for a

Terminology of European Education and Training Policy

"This multilingual glossary of terms used in education and training policy is intended for researchers and more generally for all those involved in education and training policy. It does not represent an exhaustive inventory of the terminology used by specialists; rather it identifies a selection of key terms that are essential for an understanding of current education and training policy in Europe."

The Moving Image Genre-Form Guide

"While developing terminology for application to the moving image holdings of archives and libraries, the Moving Image Genre-Form Guide follows the traditional methods of film and television scholarship as closely as possible. The vast and steadily growing literature of genre studies has been relied upon: hundreds of books and many more articles authored on genre theory, as well as analyzing specific genres.