Compilation of Forestry Terms and Definitions

"The terms and their definitions were collected from publications and by utilising the Internet. Forestry experts were also consulted to provide their input in the case of some of the compiled terms. The terms were taken directly from the identified sources. For some terms more than one source are mentioned. This means that the same definition was found within several literature sources without necessarily indicating the most likely original source of that definition.

Glossary of Forest Terminology

"This forest terminology largely follows that contained in the British Commonwealth Forest Terminology, or the Forest Terminology of the Society of American Foresters. Where these references have not been in agreement, the definition more suitable to the condition in Ontario has been used. Certain terms in this glossary either are not found in, or are not in agreement with, these texts. Such terms are marked with an asterisk."

Terminology for Integrated Resources Planning and Management

"To achieve the implementation of land-use planning and land management cooperation among experts from the disciplines involved and integration of the respective results are required in order to identify and evaluate all biophysical, socio-economic and legal attributes of the land. The glossary aims to contribute to the development of a common technical language in land resources planning and management.

Vocational Education Outcomes: A Thesaurus of Outcome Questions

"This thesaurus is designed to provide the vocational education community and its relevant audiences with a comprehensive, organized listing of outcome questions and hypotheses. The first of two sections includes a discussion of the importance as well as problems of attempting to develop a classification system for categorizing vocational outcomes. It also explains how the outcome questions are classified and how the reader can locate outcome questions of interest.

Evaluation Thesaurus

"This is a thesaurus of terms used in evaluation. It is not restricted in scope to educational or program evaluation. It refers to product and personnel and proposal evaluation as well as to quality control and the grading of work samples. The text contains practical suggestions and procedures, comments and criticisms, as well as definitions and distinctions.

Star Wars Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus lists the authority name, nicknames (including military and civilian titles), use for names, related planet (usually homeworld), political alliance/related alliance, and related characters for each Principal Character. Nicknames will appear only under the main entry, and will not have a separate entry traced to the main entry. The Thesaurus is limited to Principal Characters only, as the many minor or supporting characters frequently lacked enough descriptive information to be included in the Thesaurus categories.

Thesaurus of Sustainability

"This Thesaurus is a collection of terms and concepts that survey the broad discourse on sustainability. Most definitions of sustainability, and the various disciplinary attempts to put it into practice, are not well suited in and of themselves for the actual achievement of sustainability. These definitions are descriptive of a future state of sustainability but lack a prescriptive process that presents how the transition from the present state of unsustainability to a future sustainability process may occur.

Standard Glossary of Terms used in Software Testing

"Much time and effort is wasted both within and between industry, commerce, government and professional and academic institutions when ambiguities arise as a result of the inability to differentiate adequately between such terms as ‘statement coverage’ and ‘decision coverage’, ‘test suite’, ‘test specification’ and ‘test plan’, and similar terms which form an interface between various sectors of society. Moreover, the professional or technical use of these terms is often at variance, with differentmeanings attributed to them.

Thesaurus of Terms Used in Microbial Risk Assessment

"Federal and international agencies, private sector organizations, and academics use terms and definitions differently in their microbial risk assessments. This Thesaurus is a compendium of risk assessment terms found in frameworks, methodologies, and assessments. It provides insight into how various entities use specific microbial risk assessment terms in their activities and helps those responsible for such assessments both conduct and communicate about them more effectively."