Gale Management Thesaurus

The Gale Management Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Business Thesaurus in the narrower domain of business management. This includes terms related to corporations, businesses, executives, types of enterprises, and management and organizational theory. Most terms are not industry specific and this thesaurus does not include terms pertaining to business for which there are more specific terms, such as finance and accounting, marketing and advertising, commerce, human resources, investments, or public relations.

Thesaurus Technik und Management

Der "Thesaurus Technik und Management (TEMA) bietet (...) die umfangreichste strukturierte Sammlung des aktuellen Fachwortschatzes zur Technik und zum produktionsorientierten Management". (...) Er "wird von WTI fortlaufend gepflegt und in einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt mit der Technischen Informationsbibliothek Hannover (TIB) zu einer Ontologie 'Technik' weiterentwickelt."

The "Thesaurus Technology and Management (TEMA) offers (...) the most comprehensive structured collection of the current technical vocabulary for production and technology-oriented management". (...) He is continually maintained by WTI and further developed into an ontology 'technology' in a joint project with the Technical Information Library of Hannover (TIB). "

Thésaurus du Management

"Une longue tradition de coopération unit les documentalistes des grandes écoles de gestion françaises. De nombreux échanges et des réalisations communes ont permis d’asseoir entre elles un large réseau d’information, de formation et d’entraide. En 1993, ces professionnels se sont constitués en association (ACIEGE, Association des responsables des centres d’information des écoles de gestion).

"A long tradition of cooperation brings together documentalists from the major French management schools, and many exchanges and common achievements have made it possible to establish a wide network of information, training and mutual assistance. Are constituted in association (ACIEGE, Association of the managers of the information centers of the schools of management).