aromatic plant

Plant Ontology

"Plant Ontology project is a major international bioinformatics effort on standardizing the nomenclature, definitions, synonyms and relations of various terms/keywords/vocabularies that describe anatomical entities as well as the growth and developmental stages of plants. This collaborative project involves team members and projects with expertise on plant functional and comparative genomics, genetics, systematics, anatomy, developmental biology, computational biology, ontology development, etc.

Herb Thesaurus

"This thesaurus functions as a means for indexing articles, photos, and web pages on some of the basic identifying characteristics of herbs. It is designed for the hobbyist or recreational gardener rather than scientist or medical reference. The preferred terminology is that of a home gardener rather than a herbalists or botanists since they are the targeted end-user. (...) This mini-thesaurus contains preferred terms selected based on common usage, and the cross-references are made from the non-preferred terms. Scope notes have been added where necessary.