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GOV.UK Taxonomy

"As members of the Finding Things team have written previously, we’ve long understood the need for a GOV.UK taxonomy that’s subject-based and site-wide, and we’ve been working towards achieving this challenging aim for a while. When finished, the taxonomy will group together all content on the site in a meaningful and intuitive way, using a hierarchical structure. It will consist of many ‘topics’ and ‘subtopics’, to which all content items will be tagged.

Arizona Governmental Publications Agency Names and Classification Codes

"This database contains the AzDoc Classification Scheme, used to classify state documents for the state of Arizona. The classification scheme was developed by the Arizona State University Library. Like the Superintendent of Documents classification system (SuDocs), it arranges materials by issuing agency rather than by subject."

State Publications Classification

"When the Documents Section of the North Carolina State Library was organized between 1957-1960, this classification scheme was devised by the documents librarian, Sangster Parrott, for the Library's large collection of North Carolina public documents. Documents are arranged by state government agency and then by function. The scheme is partially adapted from the U.S. Superintendent of Documents Classification System which is used for Federal documents collections.

Utrikes Namnbok

"Utrikes namnbok innehåller översättningar till engelska, tyska, franska, spanska och, i viss utsträckning finska och ryska, av namn på myndigheter och organisationer, EU-organ och länder. Dessutom innehåller den statliga tjänstetitlar."

"Foreign Directory contains translations into English, German, French, Spanish and, to a certain extent Finnish and Russian, by names of authorities and organizations, EU agencies and countries. In addition, it contains government service titles."

Irish Public Service Thesaurus

"The Public Service Thesaurus (PST) has been developed as a list of descriptors, or controlled vocabulary, by which public sector resources may be indexed. It was developed to facilitate public sector compliance with the Irish Public Service Metadata Standard (IPSMS), and in so doing to enhance the capacity of public sector organisaitons to make their resources accessible and visible to their client base.
Compliance can be achieved by using appropriate terms from the vocabulary in conjunction with the mandatory DC.Subject element.

Vocabulário Controlado do Governo Eletrônico

"O VCGE é um esquema para ser utilizado no elemento assunto.categoria (subject.category) do Padrão de Metadados do Governo Eletrônico (e-PMG)1. Termos retirados do VCGE tornarão mais direta, para os gerentes de sítios e portais governamentais, a apresentação dos serviços disponibilizados em uma estrutura de diretório baseada nos indexadores do VCGE. O VCGE ajuda os cidadãos a encontrar informações mesmo sem o conhecimento de qual órgão o assunto é responsabilidade. O VCGE está organizado em uma poli-hierarquia. Isto é, um dado termo pode ter um ou mais de um Termos Gerais (TG)."