Classification of the Purposes of Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households

"In principle, COPNI classifies individual outlays of NPISHs according to the purpose they serve. In most countries, however, there is little information about the activities of NPISHs and so, for practical reasons, the NPISHs themselves will usually constitute the units of classification. Many, perhaps most, NPISHs have a single purpose and can be unambiguously allocated to one of the purposes listed in the classification.

Central Product Classification

"The name 'Central Product Classification' is intended to indicate that the purpose of CPC is to provide a framework for international comparison of various kinds of statistics dealing with goods, services and assets. Basically, CPC is intended to be used for different types of statistics, for example, industrial statistics and national accounts, price statistics, foreign trade statistics (including trade in services) and balance-of-payments statistics."

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms

"The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms is a bilingual standardized vocabulary developed to facilitate the indexing and retrieval of resources available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In addition to the indexing and searching functions, the Indexing Terms is meant to clarify terminology and provide a standard, common language for use within the fields of citizenship and immigration.

CAB Thesaurus

"The CAB Thesaurus is the essential search tool for all users of the CAB ABSTRACTS™ and Global Health databases and related products. The CAB Thesaurus is not only an invaluable aid for database users but it has many potential uses by individuals and organizations indexing their own information resources for both internal use and on the Internet.

Thésaurus SantéPsy

"Le thesaurus SantéPsy contient 3373 descripteurs et 1562 synonymes (non descripteurs). Il est organisé en 30 champs sémantiques, hiérarchisés en sept niveaux maximum et comprend trois parties : une liste hiérarchique, une liste alphabétique structurée et une liste permutée."

"The HealthPsy thesaurus contains 3373 descriptors and 1562 synonyms (non-descriptors). It is organized into 30 semantic fields, hierarchized in seven levels and consists of three parts: a hierarchical list, a structured alphabetical list and a permuted list.

Thésaurus MOTBIS

"Langage contrôlé unique pour indexer, échanger, rechercher l'information éducative; Langage au service des différents acteurs de l'éducation: élèves, documentalistes, enseignants, personnels administratifs, etc.; Langage spécialisé dans le domaine éducatif et représentatif des sciences de l'éducation et des contenus de l'enseignement général français; Langage de référence utilisé dans les CDI des collèges et lycées, les IUFM, le réseau des CAFA, le réseau des CDI de l'enseignement agricole et dans l'ensemble du réseau SCÉRÉN (CNDP-CRDP-CDDP-CLDP); Langage enrichi et mis à jour par des spéc

"Unique controlled language for indexing, exchanging, searching for educational information, language for the various actors of education: pupils, documentalists, teachers, administrative staff, etc.