Corporate bodies Name Authority List

The Corporate bodies name authority list (NAL) or Common Authority Table (CAT) is a controlled vocabulary listing corporate entities such as European institutions and bodies with their authority code and label(s) in the 24 official languages of the EU (when available). The list covers as well subdivisions of the different institutions such as DG's. The Corporate bodies NAL is part of the Core Metadata (CM) used in the data exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process and the Publications Office of the EU. The NAL is under governance of the Interinstitutional Metadata Maintenance Committee (IMMC) and maintained by the Publications Office of the EU in its Metadata Registry (MDR).

This table provides the varying names of EU corporate bodies for a given time span. Some other corporate bodies are also included as far as they are used in the various systems in the Publications Office. They are classified accordingly in "EU" | "INT (for international)" | "Other". The traceability of the chronological modifications is ensured when possible.

For the EU Corporate bodies, the legal basis is also indicated, as far as they are known.

As the official languages have changed over the time, the translations are provided in the existing official languages for a given period. The names are provided under the labels and in a longer form (e.g. Committee of the Regions | Committee of the Regions of the European Union).

A bi-directional vertical relationship shows how the entities are connected in a parent-child relationship.

A bi-directional horizontal relationship is establish between the entities, starting at a given date and, if the case occurs, the link to the successor and the predecessor.

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  • Corporate bodies Name Authority List
  • Corporate Body Name Authority List
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