Classification of Pesticides by Hazard

"This document sets out a classification system to distinguish between the more and the less hazardous forms of selected pesticides based on acute risk to human health (that is the risk of single or multiple exposures over a relatively short period of time). It takes into consideration the toxicity of the technical active substance and also describes methods for the classification of formulations.

The document lists common technical grade pesticides and recommended classifications together with a listing of active ingredients believed to be obsolete or discontinued for use as pesticides, pesticides subject to the prior informed consent procedure (Rotterdam Convention), limitations to trade because of the Stockholm convention (POPs), and gaseous or volatile fumigants not classified under these recommendations.

This document replaces the 2004 edition of the classification. Since the previous edition of the classification was published, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) has been further developed and is now being widely used for the classification and labeling of chemicals worldwide. For this revision of the classification, the WHO Hazard Classes have been aligned in an appropriate way with the GHS Acute Toxicity Hazard Categories for acute oral or dermal toxicity as the starting point for allocating pesticides to a WHO Hazard Class. As has always been the case, the classification of some pesticides has been adjusted to take account of severe hazards to health other than acute toxicity. The GHS Acute Toxicity Hazard Category for each pesticide is now presented alongside the existing information."

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  • Classification of Pesticides by Hazard
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