Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database Thesaurus

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"The LACBD Thesaurus was compiled from the subject indexes that accompany the two bibliographies to provide a controlled vocabulary that spans one hundred years of Los Angeles subject matter. This specificity means that some terms and names one might expect in a thesaurus about Los Angeles will not be present. Likewise, general subject hierarchies that may have been constructed to place orphan terms were not developed, although the current structure allows for future development. Part one of the LACBD thesaurus is a common subject thesaurus. Index subject headings from the bibliographies were compiled into a hierarchical thesaurus. Some terms were created or added from other vocabularies to collocate legacy index terms.
Part two is the LACBD Geographic Names Thesaurus. Buildings, streets, institutions and neighborhoods are among the many kinds of geographic names included. Only places that are named in the source bibliographies have been included in the thesaurus, although contemporary names may have been added to provide access for today’s users. Facet nodes based upon the LACBD Subject thesaurus group the geographic names into helpful categories. Part three is the LACBD Personal Names Authority List. Peoples’ names that are indexed in the bibliographies are included in this list. As with the geographic names, facet nodes based upon the LACBD Subject thesaurus group the personal names into categories. There are some persons who elude categorization, and they are grouped under an 'unclassified names' heading. Developed as a companion resource for the Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database (LACBD)."

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LACBD Subject Thesaurus
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Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database Thesaurus
University of Southern California
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University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 90089, United States