Information Technology Glossary of Terms and Phrases

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"The IF4IT’s IT Glossary is intended to be a centralized, thorough, public and freely available repository of Information Technology 'Operations' (or 'Operational') terms. By Operations/Operational we mean that these terms address how Information Technology resources 'work' and the concepts they need to perform their work. The glossary consists of thousands of of terms that are consistent with how IT leaders lead and how IT workers work, across all industries. We’re proud of the fact that the IF4IT Glossary is the most thorough operations glossary in the world and that it is constantly growing at a rate that outpaces any other glossary source that is available to the IT community."

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IT Glossary
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Information Technology Glossary of Terms and Phrases
127,000 Terms and Phrases (2016-08).
International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
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