NPRIE Probation Thesaurus

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"The NPRIE Probation Thesaurus has been developed over many years by librarians and information managers within Probation trusts in England and Wales including Alida Teijken, Andrew Parkes, Cath Fell, Helen Parris, Hilary Lawrenson, Jill Whiteman, Judith Sawbridge, Kath Oates and Steve Burgess. The thesaurus covers general and technical terminology used in the Criminal Justice System in the United Kingdom; and also terms relating to law and social sciences. NPRIE (National Probation Research and Information Exchange) is no longer in existence and given the recent changes in the probation service and the reduction in number of libraries within probation, the thesaurus is no longer updated."

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NPRIE Probation Thesaurus
National Probation Research and Information Exchange
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United Kingdom