Culture Grid Vocabulary Bank

"Culture Grid Vocabulary Bank is a joint venture between Collections Trust and Knowledge Integration. The bank enables users to browse, search and download a wide range of controlled vocabularies, thesauri and terminologies. There is an alerting function which provides details of changes to vocabularies in RSS and ATOM formats and a machine to machine interface accessible via a REST API.
Cultural Sector organisations that wish to have their vocabularies hosted on the Culture Grid Vocabulary Bank should contact Collections Trust in the first instance.
In addition to the hosting of vocabularies, we can also provide a fully featured editor which can be used to create and edit vocabularies. This can be used as a stand alone tool or be tightly integrated with Culture Grid Vocabulary Bank.
The Vocabulary Bank is designed to complement the core Culture Grid service, giving organisations the opportunity of using the APIs to provide a crosswalk between vocabularies used within the grid metadata and other controlled vocabularies in a seamless manner."

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