United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Terminology Services

"Terminology Services consists of:

• A repository of environmental terms, their relationships, definitions, and other relevant information (e.g., synonyms)
• A tool for the creation and management of vocabulary resources (e.g., glossaries, taxonomies, acronym lists)*
• Wiki-based platform for collaborative vocabulary development

Additionally, Terminology Services includes:

• Access to key EPA vocabularies, including EPA’s Science Vocabulary and the Web Taxonomy
• Web services to import and export vocabularies*
• The ability to publish vocabularies in human and machine readable/open formats*
• 'My Glossaries' which allows users to create customized glossaries by adding a custom terms/definitions and/or selecting existing terms and definitions in Terminology Services
• Training and documentation (i.e., best practices and FAQs) for developing vocabularies

*Synaptica KMS Software is utilized for these tasks."

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