Gale History Thesaurus

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The Gale History Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Social Sciences Thesaurus in the narrower domain of the description, analysis, and interpretation of past events involving human beings. It also supplies terms related to past events as they pertain to specific regions, nations, kingdoms, empires, dynasties, institutions, movements, ethnic groups, social groups, and forms of human settlement, association, and endeavor. Specific areas include ancient history, art history, cultural history, economic history, military history, music history, political history, religious history, social history, and world history. It includes eras and ages, but not named historical events. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes. The thesaurus contains 1,216 preferred terms/concepts (2019) and is continually updated.

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Gale History Thesaurus
1,216 preferred terms/concepts (2019-02)
Gale, A Cengage Company
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