UPIANA Classification Scheme

"The UPIANA Classification Schedule forms part of a set of three special classification schedules developed by the Cataloging and Metadata Services Section of the University of the Philippines Diliman University Library. It was designed to meet an urgent need in the classification of its various special collections. While the University Library has chosen to adopt the United States Library of Congress Classification Schedules (LCC), catalogers have found it to be inadequate in handling most of the Filipiniana materials. (...) UPIANA is defined to include all officially published and/or unpublished materials emanating from and/or pertaining to the University of the Philippines System. The classification schedule developed in 1961 expanded the LC schedule for individual institutions offering higher education. Since then, it has undergone numerous revisions in order to incorporate the additions and changes in the University organization. Notable revisions of the schedule were carried out in 1975 by Vyva M. Aguirre as part of her Master of Library Science special problem, and by the C Section in 1982 and 2000. This present publication includes the additions and changes made as of March 2018. It does not cover serial publications which, as a standard practice, are not classified, nor does it provide for publications by individual faculty members, alumni, and students of the University on specific subject fields as these are preferably classified under the various classes in the LC Scheme. The UPIANA Classification Schedule is a customized scheme for the University of the Philippines System that may be adopted and or used as a model by other higher education institution libraries with similar needs. Like the LC Scheme, it is found to be functional and logically designed to serve as an organizing system for special and local collections. It is envisioned that libraries who are just beginning to develop similar schemes would find this tool useful for their own purpose."

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