MoTIF Pilot Thesaurus of Irish Folklore

"MoTIF, the pilot thesaurus of Irish folklore, is intended to accompany the Thesaurus Construction Guidelines: An Introduction to Thesauri and Guidelines on Their Construction and act as a sample thesaurus and demonstration of the international principles and best practices outlined in that document. The pilot thesaurus should not be considered a tool for indexing and retrieval of content. Rather, it can act as a base from which such a tool can be constructed. (...) The core topics of the pilot thesaurus of Irish folklore include nature, animals, people, their occupations and activities primarily as they relate to the sustenance and support of the home and community. The thesaurus also covers the genres of folklore. As a pilot thesaurus the coverage of these topics should not be considered exhaustive but rather a sampling of the subject matter. (...) Just over 350 terms were selected from vocabulary resources at the beginning of the project. Following facet analysis additional terms were added to aid in the organisation of concepts bringing the number of preferred terms in the thesaurus to 522. The pilot thesaurus contains over 50 non- preferred terms."

URI http://bartoc.org/en/node/18723
  • MoTIF Pilot Thesaurus of Irish Folklore
Homepage http://apps.dri.ie/motif/vocab/
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Size 543 Preferred terms, 50 Alternate terms (2018-06)
Created 2013
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  • Dublin
  • Ireland
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