CAMEO Event Data Codebook

English Abstract: 

"CAMEO -- Conflict and Mediation Event Observations -- is the coding scheme we developed in conjunction with our research on third-party mediation. CAMEO has several new features not found in the WEIS system we have used in our earlier work:
The coding scheme is optimized for the study of mediation and contains a number of tertiary sub-categories specific to mediation; We have substantially expanded the categories for 'use of force' and can therefore make much finer distinctions between reported levels of violence; We have combined a number of WEIS categories that, in our experience, cannot be reliably differentiated in machine coding; We have developed a systematic hierarchical coding scheme for dealing with substate actors; We have developed a very extensive taxonomy for religious groups and ethnic groups."

Alternative Title: 
Conflict and Mediation Event Observations Event Data Codebook
English Title: 
CAMEO Event Data Codebook
Year of Creation: 
Philip A. Schrodt
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University Park, PA, 16802, United States