Observation Method (Mapped Feature)

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"This file contains the CGI Observation Method (Mapped Feature) vocabulary, as defined by the IUGS Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI) Geoscience Terminology Working Group. These are terms that specify how a MappedFeature instance was mapped. MappedFeature ObservationMethod is essentially a metadata snippet indicating how the spatial extent of the mapped feature was determined, and the basis for association of the geometry with some GeologicFeature specification to define a MappedFeature. Observation method is a convenience property that provides a quick and dirty approach to shortcut use of more comprehensive observation and measurement construct when data are reported using a feature view (as opposed to observation view). By extension, this vocabulary includes all concepts in this conceptScheme, as well as concepts in any previous versions of the scheme."

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Observation Method (Mapped Feature)
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CGI Geoscience Terminology Working Group
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