COSMIN Taxonomy of Measurement Properties

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"In the COSMIN taxonomy three quality domains are distinguished, i.e. reliability, validity, and responsiveness. Each domain contains one or more measurement properties.
The domain reliability contains three measurement properties: internal consistency, reliability, and measurement error. The domain validity also contains three measurement properties: content validity, construct validity and criterion validity. The domain responsiveness contains only one measurement property, which is also called responsiveness. The term and definition of the domain and measurement property responsiveness are the same, but they are distinguished in the taxonomy for reasons of clarity. Some measurement properties contain one or more aspects, that were defined separately: Content validity includes face validity, and construct validity includes structural validity, hypotheses testing and cross-cultural validity."

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COSMIN Taxonomy of Measurement Properties
3 Domains (2017-02)
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COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments
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