ATU Types of Folktales

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"In 'The Types of International Folktales', the 'ATU Catalogue' edited by Hans-Jörg Uther (2004), ATU numbers replace AT numbers. And ATU (from the surname initials of Aarne, Thompson, and Uther) allows 'the type numbers that have been in use for nearly one hundred years [to] remain unchanged,' says Uther. To allow that and to accomplish that are two different things, though, for at least one Norwegian folktale that is well over a hundred years, is missing completely in the new ATU system. Its old AT number (211*) has disappeared.
Another side to the revision is that the overall content of various types of tales has been changed, in both small ways and more comprehensively. And such changes mean that old 'AT umbrellas' (numbers) for the types of tales, do not serve as well as before as classification devices in every case, for example in many Norwegian folktales I have checked and commented on in Norwegian. (.) However, the new ATU-types are now the classification devices in force."

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The Types of International Folktales
Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales
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ATU Types of Folktales
Stith Thompson
Hans-Jörg Uther
Antti Aarne
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