The national term bank of science

"The Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences is a multidisciplinary project which aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland. The project has created a Semantic MediaWiki platform, which offers a collaborative environment. The semantic MediaWiki platform is an open collaborative website. This means that anyone can freely use it and also participate in the discussion about terms. The data available for all users includes the following details: The term and its synonyms in Finnish; Definition(s); The concept's place in the concept system and concept diagrams; Information about the term’s morphological structure; Ostensive definitions (e.g. pictures); Contexts (e.g. links to abstracts of articles); Term equivalents in other languages (and information about the translatability of terms when necessary).

The working method is a type of limited crowd-sourcing. The terminology will be gathered among expert groups in different fields of research. The project is being carried out in three pilot projects: botany, jurisprudence, and linguistics. In the course of the pilot projects, the operations models for the teamwork of expert groups will be developed in order to take into account varying practices and terminological demands in different subfields of research. The published view of each terminological entry will be defined by the relevant expert group and customized to fit the special needs of each field of research.

The core of the terminological work is done by expert teams from various fields of the arts and science. The members of each expert team have access to a wide range of wiki editing resources and can add information into every slot of the database in their field of expertise. They will also label the definition of a term as “checked” when they think that it meets the standards of the field. It is also possible to include existing terminologies in the bank – of course with the permission of those who own the copyright."

"Tieteen kansallinen termipankki (TTP) rakentaa kaikkien Suomessa harjoitettavien tieteenalojen yhteisen, avoimen ja jatkuvasti päivitettävän termitietokannan tiedeyhteisön ja kansalaisten käyttöön. Hanke toteutetaan talkooperiaatteella yhteistyössä koko maan tutkijoiden kanssa. Tieteen termipankin verkkopalvelu avattiin vuonna 2012 ja aluksi sitä kehitettiin kolmessa pilottihankkeessa, joiden tieteenalat ovat kasvitiede, kielitiede ja oikeustiede.

Kaikki halukkaat tieteenalat voivat aloittaa termityön. Haluatko perustaa erikoisalasi asiantuntijaryhmän? Ohjeet asiantuntijaryhmän perustamiseen. Haluatko osallistua termitalkoisiin asiantuntijana? Ohjeet asiantuntijajäsenelle. Haluatko osallistua termeistä keskusteluun? - Rekisteröidy käyttäjäksi ja osallistu keskusteluun termisivujen Keskustelu-välilehdellä."

  • The national term bank of science
  • Tieteen kansallinen termipankki
  • Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences
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