Subject Headings for Church or Synagogue Libraries

"This guide to subject headings for church or synagogue libraries begins by providing guidelines for the subject cataloging process. These guidelines are presented under seven headings: (1) Selecting the Subject Heading (by names of persons, religious congregations and orders, sects and denominations, places, holidays, and new subjects); (2) Specific Entry; (3) Subdivisions; (4) Cross References; (5) Subject Entry Cards; (6) Classification Numbers; and (7) Subject Authority File. Practical examples are provided which correspond to each of these headings. The subject heading list, which makes up the major part of the publication, includes classification numbers for each term that would most likely be found in a church or synagogue library. Suggestions for additional headings may be found in both the guidelines and in works listed in the bibliography. A list of some of the subject headings most used in collections of non-fiction children's books is also provided."

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  • Subject Headings for Church or Synagogue Libraries
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