RAPRA Classification Code

"Over the past twenty years, Rapra Technology Limited has developed a computer database for use by the rubber and plastics industries, together with the necessary thesaurus. Prior to this development, a suitable system of classification by subject was essential for the provision of efficient information and library services by Rapra. A Classification Code was developed which, although it has required numerous revisions over the years in order to keep pace with changes in industry and advancing technology, is still in use today, despite the recent development of computerised systems. The Classification Code presently in use, details of which are given in this chapter, plays an essential part in the process of information transfer carried out at Rapra on behalf of the rubber and plastics industries."

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  • RAPRA Classification Code
  • Code for the Systematic Classification of Scientific
  • Technological and Commercial Information on Polymers
Homepage https://www.polymerlibrary.com/ClassificationCode.pdf
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