Genomic Clinical Decision Support Ontology

"The Genomic Clinical Decision Support (Genomic CDS) project aims to create and maintain an integrated, ontology-based knowledge base of clinically relevant pharmacogenomic information. This knowledge base is used to implement clinical decision support algorithms for improving quality of care, e.g., for providing drug dosage recommendations and comparisons of the efficacy of different treatment options."

Geologische Bundesanstalt Thesaurus

"Der Thesaurus enthält Begriffe, wie sie in den Text-Publikationen und geologischen Karten der Bundesanstalt verwendet werden. Alle Begriffe haben eigene http-Webadressen, welche als Hyperlinks für Online-Texte, in Webanwendungen, oder als Attribute zu Geodaten verwendet werden können. Jeder einzelne Begriff kann auch mehrere alternative Namen besitzen, und ist in seiner Bedeutung (Semantik) durch übergeordnete, untergeordnete und verwandte Begriffe festgelegt.

"The thesaurus contains terms, as used in the text publications and geological maps of the Federal Institution, all of which have their own http web addresses, which can be used as hyperlinks for online texts, in web applications, or as attributes for geodata Single term can also have several alternative names, and is defined in its meaning (semantics) by superior, subordinate, and related terms.

INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus

"The terms in the Joint Thesaurus are listed alphabetically. For each alphabetical entry, a 'word block', containing the terms associated with this particular entry, is displayed. In the word block, terms that have a hierarchical relationship to the entry are identified by the symbols BT for Broader Term, and NT for Narrower Term; a term with an affinitive relationship is identified by RT, for Related Term; terms with a preferential relationship are identified by USE or SEE, and UF for Used For, and SF for Seen For.