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CERL Thesaurus

"The CERL Thesaurus File is a unique facility developed to address the particularly European issue that place name and personal names in Europe varied from country to country in the period of hand press printing (1450 - c. 1830). As such, it is an essential research tool for scholars and researchers of the period. The CERL Thesaurus file contains forms of imprint places, imprint names, personal names and corporate names as found in material printed before the middle of the nineteenth century - including variant spellings, forms in Latin and other languages, and fictitious names.

Cambridge University Library Classification Scheme

"This is the Library's 'three-figure' classification scheme which is used to determine the subject stem of the classmarks of the great majority of monographs on the open shelves. (It is also used in a simplified form in combination with various prefixes for special types of material: R, the reference collection in the Reading Room; S, 'select' books on closed access; P, L, T, Q, primary, secondary, select and dead periodicals, respectively; Z, mutilated books.

Global Medical Device Nomenclature

"The Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) is a system of internationally agreed generic descriptors used to identify all medical device products. Such products include those used in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease or injury in humans.
The main purpose of the GMDN is to provide health authorities and regulators, health care providers, medical device manufacturers and suppliers, conformity assessment bodies and others with a single generic naming system that will support patient safety.