United Kingdom


"Thema is intended for use by all parts of the book trade: unlike other book trade subject classifications, it aims to be globally applicable. And in contrast to various library classifications that are used internationally, it is tailored for commercial use within the trade. It is a flexible standard that allows each market to retain its unique cultural voice while still presenting a unified subject hierarchy that rationalises book classification.

Storyline Ontology

"The News Storyline Ontology is a generic model for describing and organising the stories news organisations tell. The ontology is intended to be flexible to support any given news or media publisher's approach to handling news stories. At the heart of the ontology, is the concept of Storyline. As a nuance of the English language the word 'story' has multiple meanings. In news organisations, a story can be an individual piece of content, such as an article or news report. It can also be the editorial view on events occurring in the world."

Creative Work Ontology

"This is the model we use to express the minimum metadata necessary to express a piece of creative content in the platform. The creative work ontology is continuously evolving based on our clients' requirements. There is a core class in this model, which is the CreativeWork class and properties that support information the LDP clients need to build their products such as title, thumbnail, URL e.t.c."