TOVE Organization Ontology

"Based on: Fox, M.S., Barbuceanu, M., Gruninger, M., and Lin, J., (1998), 'An Organisation Ontology for Enterprise Modeling', In Simulating Organizations: Computational Models of Institutions and Groups, M. Prietula, K. Carley & L. Gasser (Eds), Menlo Park CA: AAAI/MIT Press, pp. 131-152."

International Contact Ontology

"This ontology provides basic classes and more detailed properties for representating international street addresses, phone numbers and emails. Rather than using existing ontologies, such as vcard, it was decided to create a new one as the vcard and foaf ignore the details of international addresses, phone numbers, etc. The important part of the ontology are the object and data properties used to describe addresses primarily and phone numbers."

Global City Indicator Foundation Ontology

"Contains the foundation ontologies required to represent ISO 37120 city indicators, including Placenames, Time, Measurement, Provenance, Statistics, Validity and Trust. See: Fox, M.S., (2013), 'A Foundation Ontology for Global City Indicators', Global City Institute Working Paper, Vol. 1, No.4, pp. 1-45. Global Cities Institute, University of Toronto.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation Glossary of Terms

"This list includes many of the terms commonly used in anti-racism and equity discourse today. They are gleaned from a variety of sources (...). Many of the terms have been in the public domain so long that the source of the original definition is no longer known as they have come into common parlance. The terminology in this field is constantly evolving, so the list remains a work in progress.

Thésaurus des traitements VIH/sida

"Le Thésaurus des traitements VIH/sida est présenté dans un ordre alphabétique. Cette forme de présentation regroupe en une seule liste alphabétique les descripteurs et les non-descripteurs accompagnés des liens sémantiques, tels que désignés par les codes EA (équivalent anglais), EM (employer), EP (employé pour), TG (terme générique), TS (terme spécifique) et TA (terme associé). Quelquefois, une note explicative (NE) est utilisée pour préciser l'usage d’un terme donné, ou pour diriger l'utilisateur ou l'utilisatrice vers le Thésaurus multilingue européen sur le sida et l'infection à VIH.

"The HIV / AIDS Treatment Thesaurus is presented in alphabetical order, which combines in a single alphabetical list descriptors and non-descriptors accompanied by semantic links, as designated by the EA (English equivalent), EM (Employ), EP (employee for), TG (generic term), TS (specific term) and TA (associate term) Sometimes an explanatory note (BN) is used to specify the use of a given term, To refer the user to the European multilingual thesaurus on AIDS and HIV infection.