ISO 8147:1995 Shipbuilding and Marine Structures - Derrick Rigs and Component Parts Vocabulary

"This International Standard establishes the vocabulary for the various terms in use relative to the most important components of derrick rigs on ships. It lays down terms and definitions used in connection with derrick rigs, and adds terms for winches in accordance with ISO 3828. Where more than one term is given for a concept, the first term is the preferred one and others, although used within the marine industry, are non-preferred. Deprecated terms are also so indicated. A multilingual vocabulary is given in annex A, arranged numerically in the order of the reference numbers;"

ISO 6196 Micrographics Vocabulary

"Micrographics gives rise to numerous international exchanges of both an intellectual and a material nature. These exchanges often become difficult, either because of the great variety of terms used in various fields or languages to express the same concept, or because of the absence or imprecision of the definitions of useful concepts.

ISO 5138 Office Machines Vocabulary

"Office machines give rise to numerous international commercial exchanges which often become difficult, either because of the great variety of terms used in various fields or languages to express the same concept, or because of the absence of, or the imprecision of, useful concepts. To avoid misunderstandings due to this situation and to facilitate such exchanges, it is advisable to select terms to be used in various languages or in various countries to express the same concept and to establish definitions providing satisfactory equivalents for the various terms in different languages.

ISO 4885:1996 Ferrous Products - Heat Treatments Vocabulary

"This International Standard defines the terms used in the heat treatment of ferrous products. The vocabulary is divided into a main part (clause 3) and a complementary section (clause 4). The main part gives an alphabetical list of the terms with their definitions and, where appropriate, comments. A definition of a foreign term for which the language in question has no equivalent is given at the end of the main part. The complementary section comprises the definitions of terms necessary to understand the main part.

ISO 4791-1:1985 Laboratory Apparatus Vocabulary

"This part of ISO 4791 lists the names of items of laboratory apparatus, made essentially from glass, porcelain or vitreous silica, together with items of equipment, made from other materials, which are commonly used in association with such apparatus. A vocabulary of technical terms, with their definitions and applicable to the manufacture, adjustment and use of such laboratory apparatus, will be issued as Part 2. The purpose of the vocabulary is to provide an aid to translators and readers of scientific literature.

ISO 5127 Information and Documentation Vocabulary

This International Standard is intended to facilitate international communication in the field of information and documentation. It presents terms and definitions of selected concepts relevant to the field and identifies relations between the entries. It contains around 2.000 definitions and a bibliography of 353 titles including other ISO standards.