Notre Dame

Radiation Chemistry Data Center Thesaurus

"The indexing terms listed in the thesaurus are those found in the RCDC Bibliographic Data Base and therefore are the terms used to generate the keyword index in this volume. The keywords are arranged alphabetically. Numbers, dashes, parentheses and super- and sub-scripts are ignored in ordering the terms except when required to distinguish two terms. Thus, '1-propanol' precedes '2-propanol' (following 'propane') and 'H2O+' precedes 'H2O-' and 'H2O2+' (all three precede 'hole'). Arrangement is word by word, thus 'hole traps' precedes 'holes'.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana Subject Keys

"Subject or key words, including dating by quarter century, e.g., 1500-1 (first quarter of sixteenth century); and school, e.g., Lombard, Central Italian, Roman, Emilian, etc. (Non-Italian schools are listed as English, French, Spanish, etc.). Subject or keywords are also terms not generally found in the title of the drawing, e.g., Allegory, Musical Instruments - Stringed, Mythology, Saints, Genre, Religious Orders - Franciscans, Landscapes, etc."