Web NDL Authorities is a service by the National Diet Library (NDL), Japan, to access authority data created and maintained by the NDL. Name headings or Subject headings are assigned to the bibliographic data to distinguish different people with the same name or to identify people who use pseudonyms, nonstandard spellings, transliterated names, or other variants. To control these headings, authority data is organized to indicate alternative headings, synonyms, and the basis of choice for the headings.


日本十進分類法(にほんじっしんぶんるいほう、Nippon Decimal Classification; NDC)は、日本の図書館で広く使われている図書分類法である。最新版は新訂10版(2014年12月発行)[2]。もり・きよし(森清)原編、日本図書館協会分類委員会改訂。

The Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC) or Nippon Decimal System (NDC) is a library classification based on the Dewey Decimal System. NDC was developed for mainly Japanese books and is maintained by the Japan Library Association since 1956.

Music Vocabulary


"A vocabulary, or music ontology, to describe classical music and performances. Classes (categories) for musical works, events, instruments and performers, as well as related properties are defined. Make sure to distinguish musical works (e.g. Opera) from performance events (Opera_Event), or works (String_Quartette) from performer (StringQuartetEnsemble in this vocab), whose natural language terms are used interchangeblly.

Pokémon Category

"In a Pokémon's Pokédex information, the category (...) (Japanese: 分類 classification) is a name which identifies the Pokémon based on one of its defining biological characteristics. Most often, the defining traits are part of the Pokémon’s physiology, special abilities, or behavior. It was previously also known as species. (...) Because of how brief and uninformative the description of a Pokémon often is in its category, and how little the category relates to other data, it is not often regarded as an important piece of information about a Pokémon.

Classification of the Morrison Collection in Toyo Bunko

"The Morrison Collection: This collection was painstakingly amassed by George Ernest Morrison during his 20-year residency in Beijing. Contains approximately 24,000 volumes in Western languages dealing with China and its neighbors and includes about 1,000map/lithograph titles, about 7,200 pamphlets, and over 120 periodicals. Of particular value are 54 editions of Marco Polo's Description of the World including a copy of the first Latin printing in 1485.


(1) 知識の全分野を包含する一般分類表であるが、当館の蔵書構成を反映して社会科学部門に重点を置く。
(2) 当館職員の接架利用と書庫管理の便宜を考慮した列挙型排架分類表である。資料の排架位置を分類記号自体によって明確に指示できるよう、一般には別置される資料群も分類体系中に取り込んである。しかしまた、書誌分類用の記号を用意するなど、書誌分類にも配慮してある。
(3) 記号法は、膨大な蔵書を体系化するための高い区分能力と、保管・出納のための簡潔な表現力、そして新主題や新資料群の出現に対処しうる受容力を備えたアルファベットと整数の混合型非十進法である。"

"The National Diet Library classification table was created as a classification table for the purpose of efficiently managing and utilizing all the collections collected from domestic and overseas in this way. .
(1) Although it is a general classification table covering all fields of knowledge, we focus on the social science department reflecting the library composition of our library.