Functions and Activities Thesaurus for Business, Academic, Not-for-profit, and Government Entities

"The thesaurus is intended for open access use by government, academic, and business records centers and archives for use in functional (function-based) classification of records and to aid in the arrangement and description (including electronic description) of archival materials.

Thesaurus of University Terms

"In creating TUT we relied extensively on existing finding aids to generate terms and tested the thesaurus against a broad range of record series, thus ensuring that the vocabulary would have literary warrant. We wanted a system that was easy to learn and use and that did not impose a too-limited context on the descriptors. The most difficult and important task was arriving at an organizational scheme that is not tied to the organizational structure of this university. The university's structure and delegation of tasks is in a constant state of flux.

American Planning Association Library Classification Scheme

"The Library of the American Planning Association (APA) developed the American Planning Association Library Classification Scheme. It was created to meet the needs of APA’s researchers and members; the scheme focuses specifically on planning and provides a level of practical detail not found in other published systems. In the APA Library, the scheme is used in conjunction with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.

List of Subject Headings for Small to Medium Sized Law Libraries

"The List itself is not exhaustive, nor is it meant to be. For the subjects represented all practically useful 'see' (x) references and 'see also' (sa) references have been added but not all of them need to be used. However, it seems desirable to make them available particularly for the cataloger whose experience has been somewhat limited. A few international law, comparative law and foreign law subjects have been included because they seem to be needed regardless of the size of the collection.

Classification Scheme for Illinois State Publications

"The need for a scheme/system to classify state documents has become increasingly apparent as more and more emphasis has been placed on libraries to acquire and service this important body of material. Because of the diversity in library organizational patterns, documents librarians could probably never agree on one system for classifying state documents.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status Classification System

"The purpose of the grading system is simply to assess the degree of a patient’s 'sickness' or 'physical state' prior to selecting the anesthetic or prior to performing surgery. Describing patients’ preoperative physical status is used for recordkeeping, for communicating between colleagues, and to create a uniform system for statistical analysis. The grading system is not intended for use as a measure to predict operative risk."