Fort Belvoir

MATRIS Indexing and Retrieval Thesaurus

"Categories covered in this hierarchy: Manpower; Recruitment, Selection/Classification/Assignment; Education and Training; Human Resources Management; Organizations; Human Factors Engineering; Information Processing/Cognition; Human Performance; Data Management; Program Management; Defense/Welfare; Personnel; Skills; Task/System Analysis; Quantification/Analysis Techniques; Safety/Environmental Factors; Systems/Equipment; and Media/Documents."

Defense Technical Information Center Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus provides a broad multidisciplinary subject term vocabulary that aids in information search and retrieval. Subject terms, called Descriptors, are organized into hierarchies, where series of narrower terms are linked to broader terms. After performing a Thesaurus search, a user can insert a Descriptor directly into the Technical Reports Guided Search page. 16463 terms, 8598 relations between terms, 2278 non-preferred terms."