An English-Spanish Glossary of Terminology used in Forestry, Range, Wildlife, Fishery, Soils, and Botany

"The English-Spanish/Spanish-English equivalent translations of scientific and management terms (jargon) commonly used in the field of natural resource management are presented. The glossary is useful in improving communications and fostering understanding between Spanish- and English-speaking persons."

PIRA Demonstration Classification Scheme

"The goal of the Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) Demonstration Classification Scheme is to create a logically organized and universally inclusive taxonomy giving a unique code to every lecture demonstration. (...) The topic and concept divisions of the structure loosely follow the standard textbook organization of chapter and section, although they were created to organize existing demonstrations, not cover the entirety of introductory physics, and therefore skip some areas of the curriculum covered by standard textbooks.

Monarch Method

"Three years ago, with the help of some dedicated library volunteers, I decided I was 'Done with Dewey' - we built our own classification system from the ground up based on how my students and staff search for books. I call it the Monarch Method. The best comparison is that it makes looking for books in my library similar to buying a book online through Amazon."

A Proposed Taxonomy of Postsecondary Education Subject Matter Areas

"The development of the NCHEM taxonomy came about because of a need for standardized and comprehensive structures for cataloging and organizing information on the multitude of instructional programs and activities presently functioning in the various levels and sectors of education. Although considerable effort has gone into the development of the NCHEMS postsecondary education