Classification Roy

"La classification Roy est particulière à la Bibliothèque de droit de l'Université de Montréal. Notre documentation est entièrement classifiée selon un système alphabétique qui la répartit en deux grands secteurs: les collections générales et les collections spécialisées."

"The Roy classification is unique to the Law Library of the Université de Montréal, and our documentation is entirely classified according to an alphabetical system that divides it into two main areas: general collections and specialized collections."

WAVES Thesaurus

"If you wish to be positive that you find everything there is in WAVES about a particular species, or that is in a certain series, or that is by a particular corporate body, you may use the Thesaurus Search option on the left menu. These three fields use what is known as a controlled vocabulary. For example, some authors may have used the term Atlantic cod, others may have used northern cod, or simply cod in the title or abstract of an item."

Canadian Race Relations Foundation Glossary of Terms

"This list includes many of the terms commonly used in anti-racism and equity discourse today. They are gleaned from a variety of sources (...). Many of the terms have been in the public domain so long that the source of the original definition is no longer known as they have come into common parlance. The terminology in this field is constantly evolving, so the list remains a work in progress.

Brian Deer Classification Scheme

"Xwi7xwa Library uses a modified version of the Brian Deer classification system, developed by Kahnawake librarian Brian Deer for the National Indian Brotherhood (now the Assembly of First Nations) in the 1970s. Xwi7xwa Library employs a modified version of the classification scheme in order to better reflect the library's unique collection and clientele."

Glossary of Forest Terminology

"This forest terminology largely follows that contained in the British Commonwealth Forest Terminology, or the Forest Terminology of the Society of American Foresters. Where these references have not been in agreement, the definition more suitable to the condition in Ontario has been used. Certain terms in this glossary either are not found in, or are not in agreement with, these texts. Such terms are marked with an asterisk."

Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus

"This thesaurus is a presentation of terms to be used for the indexing and retrieval of documents dealing with the subject area of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC). A wide range of documents and reports relevant to LIC were selected, catalogued and indexed from open literature as part of a feasibility study on an Information Analysis Centre (IAC). The Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms (TEST) was used initially for indexing terms but it became apparent that the subject matter required a broader range of terms in areas not covered comprehensively by TEST.

Autorité des Marchés Financiers Plan de Classification

"Le plan de classification de l’Autorité est une structure hiérarchique et logique composée de regroupements et de sous-regroupements basés sur les processus et les activités de l’organisme."

"The Authority's classification plan is a hierarchical and logical structure composed of groupings and sub-groupings based on the processes and activities of the organization."

The Development of a Classification Scheme for Reading Research and Reading Resources

"The development of a new scheme for classifying the more than 7,000 documents on reading in the ERIC/CRIER data collection is described. An original scheme, developed in the early days of the clearinghouse, provided a means for listing documents in any of 45 broad subject categories in the field of reading and for identification by grade level. The system was found to be inadequate in that it did not permit sufficient precision for effective retrieval. The newly developed classification scheme proposes 27 classes into which documents can be divided.

Thesaurus Centre Intégré de Gestion de l'Information

"Le Centre intégré de gestion de l'information (CIGI) est centre de documentation unique spécialisé en déficience physique accessible à distance. Son importante collection, comprend près de 4500 documents et 200 périodiques."

"The Integrated Center for Information Management (CIGI) is a unique documentation center specializing in physical disability accessible from a distance. Its extensive collection includes nearly 4,500 documents and 200 periodicals."