Aufstellungssystematik der Landesbibliothek Niederösterreich

"Im Lesesaal ist eine Auswahl von Nachschlagewerken aufgestellt, die als Präsenzbestand von der regulären Entlehnung ausgenommen sind. Diese Nachschlagewerke werden in einer systematischen Aufstellung als Freihandbereich des Lesesaals zur Benutzung angeboten."

"There is a selection of reference works in the reading room, which are excluded from regular borrowing as a reference stock. These reference works are offered for use as a free-hand area of the Lesesaal in a systematic manner."

REEEP Climate Smart Thesaurus

"The Climate Tagger is backed by the expansive Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus, a vast catalogue of specialized terminology, including mapped links to synonyms and related terms, in five languages and across a range of sectors relevant for climate compatible development. REEEP began compiling the Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus (or Climate Thesaurus) in 2011 (...). The Climate Thesaurus is regularly updated and expanded to additional areas and languages, and can be targeted to incorporate specific sectors on an as-needed basis.