Neurobehavior Ontology

"The Neurobehavior Ontology (NBO) consists of two main components, an ontology of behavioral processes and an ontology of behavioral phenotypes. The behavioral process branch of NBO contains a classification of behavior processes complementing and extending GO’s process ontology. The behavior phenotype branch of NBO consists of a classification of both normal and abnormal behavioral characteristics of organisms. NBO’s prime application is to provide the vocabulary that is required to integrate behavior observations within and across species.

Cell Phenotype Ontology

"The Cell Phenotype Ontology (CPO) is an ontology to describe phenotypes on the cellular scale. It contains a rich classification of cellular component abnormalities, including links to morphological and physiological abnormalities. Based on the Gene Ontology's classification of cellular processes, CPO provides a large number of formally as well as textually defined classes to characterize process abnormalities."