w4d: wood

Fustes exòtiques

"Aquest diccionari recull una seixantena de termes, normalitzats pel Consell Supervisor del TERMCAT, corresponents a fustes utilitzades actualment a Europa però procedents de països no europeus, fonamentalment de l'Àfrica, l'Àsia i Amèrica. Cada terme conté les denominacions i la definició en català i els equivalents en castellà, francès, anglès i alemany. La majoria dels equivalents s'han extret de la norma UNE-EN 13556, que és alhora la versió oficial en castellà de la Norma Europea 13556, de juny de 2003.

"This dictionary includes sixty terms standardized by the Supervisory Council TERMCAT corresponding to wood currently used in Europe but from countries outside Europe, mainly in Africa, Asia and America. Each term contains the names and the definition Catalan and equivalents in Spanish, French, English and German. most equivalents taken from the UNE-EN 13556, which is also the official Spanish version of the European standard 13556, June 2003.

Classification of Forest Products

"This classification is designed to cover the wood and wood-based products for which FAO and ECE collect statistics on a regular basis. Included is wood taken from forests or from trees outside the forest, bark and cork; charcoal; wood and wood-based materials resulting from the first processing of the wood available from forest operations (including sawnwood, railway sleepers, veneer sheets, wood pulp and wood residues); and materials resulting from further processing of some of these materials (e.g. wood-base panels, paper and paperboard); waste paper and recoverable wood products.