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"I·ATE is an interactive multilingual glossary on culinary terms that allows to share common knowledge, discover and preserve related concepts widespread across Europe. (...) I·ATE works on the basis of the relationship between the concept and its designations in the European multilingual environment. The glossary presents a culinary term and its equivalents in the countries in which the concept exists. Every term is linked to a map displaying a geographical area that indicates how gastronomy can go beyond national borders.

Lèxic d'additius alimentaris

"Aquest lèxic recull prop de quatre-cents termes que designen els additius alimentaris autoritzats a l’Estat espanyol d’acord amb la normativa vigent. Cada terme inclou les denominacions en català i els equivalents en castellà, francès i anglès, a més del número d’identificació i les seves classes funcionals més habituals, les quals també es poden consultar a través de l’Accés temàtic.

"This lexicon contains about four hundred terms that designate food additives authorized in Spain in accordance with current regulations. Each term includes the equivalent names in Catalan and Spanish, French and English, in addition to the number identification and functional common classes, which can also be accessed via the Access theme.