Boggs and Lewis Classification of Maps and Atlases

"To classify maps, atlases, and globes most advantageously in a collection extensively used by geographers, historians, economists, technicians or other specialists and students, it is believed that the categories to be considered, in order of importance, are: (1) Area, (2) Subject, and (3) Date, with (4) Author, frequently necessary. When these four categories are insufficient to differentiate between maps in the collection, a fifth, Title, may be used.

Defence Technological and Scientific Thesaurus

"DEFTEST now contains 24000 entry terms with 155000 cross references. Approximately 1000 new terms have been added. The meaning or usage of terms and their hierarchies is represented by cross references. The hierarchical display assists in the choice of the most appropriate level of specificity for indexing and retrieval. (...) DEFTEST is not Intended as a comprehensive coverage of the fields of science and technology, but of Defence related topics in those fields, as represented inthe database."

Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms

"In the fall of 1965, two large projects were set in motion to develop contemporary thesauri in the fields of engineering and science. One was originated by Engineers Joint Council to revise the first edition of its Thesaurus of Engineering Terms (1964); the other, by the Department of Defense, under the sponsorship of the Office of Naval Research and known as Project LEX, which had as its mission the development of the first Department of Defense technical thesaurus.

DTNSRDC Library Subject Thesaurus

"The DTNSRDC Library Subject Thesaurus, which exists both as a printed document and as an on-line computer file, supports the indexing and retrieval functions of the library's automated storage and retrieval system. The hierarchical structure of the vocabulary permits generic retrieval. For example, a search on NAVAL VESSELS will retrieve documents that had been indexed under all naval ship types. Several 'switching' relationships provide an automatic cross-referencing capability."

Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus

"This thesaurus is a presentation of terms to be used for the indexing and retrieval of documents dealing with the subject area of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC). A wide range of documents and reports relevant to LIC were selected, catalogued and indexed from open literature as part of a feasibility study on an Information Analysis Centre (IAC). The Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms (TEST) was used initially for indexing terms but it became apparent that the subject matter required a broader range of terms in areas not covered comprehensively by TEST.

Subject Headings of the Morris Swett Library

"This list of subject headings is used at the Morris Swett Library. It has been compiled by past and present librarians as well as library staffs. Some subject headings have been taken directly from Library of Congress headings. They have been added to and adjusted to meet artillery needs. This product represents a consensus of agreement between artillery specialists and librarians as to the best terminology to use."

Child Abuse and Neglect Thesaurus

"The thesaurus contains approximately 4,000 terms used in indexing material for the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. It is explained that the descriptor compilation was first developed in 1975 from existing thesauri and dictionaries. Descriptors are arranged in alphabetic, permuted and group displays, and listings include references to broader, narrower and related terms."