Terminologia bàsica dels dispositius mòbils

"Aquest diccionari conté una cinquantena de termes relacionats amb els dispositius mòbils, especialment els telèfons intel·ligents i les tauletes tàctils, amb la definició en català i equivalents en castellà, francès i anglès. Algunes fitxes també inclouen notes explicatives i il·lustracions.

"This dictionary contains fifty terms related to mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, as defined in Catalan and equivalents in Spanish, French and English. Some listings also include explanatory notes and illustrations. both the glossary as user touch gestures have been published on the occasion of the mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC) in order to spread widely alternatives Catalan terms used among users of mobile devices in companies and the media echo of developments in this technology consumer.

Telecommunications Object Thesaurus

"The structure is designed to accommodate additional terms. It is hierarchically structured using the 'kind of' rule, eg public telephone kiosk is a kind of telephone kiosk, but you can also find terms by a search function and an A-Z index. Importantly, this thesaurus has a wiki facility so you can add additional scope notes and non-preferred terms straightaway. Connected Earth's Telecommunciations Object Thesaurus gives a common language for telecommunciations heritage objects."

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Thesaurus

"Le Thésaurus du CRTC contient les descripteurs utilisés pour l'indexation des pages et documents situés sur le site web du CRTC. Cela permet aux utilisateurs de trouver plus facilement l'information dont ils ont besoin, dans la mesure où les moteurs de recherche acceptent les métadonnées."

"The CRTC Thesaurus contains the preferred terms used to index CRTC information resources on its website. Describing web resources using controlled terminology improves the ability of users to find the information they need when search engines are metadata-enabled."