Tecnun Biblioteca Sistema de Clasificacion

"La Biblioteca de Tecnun cuenta con un sistema de clasificación de obras propio. La signatura de cada obra es alfanumérica estando formada por una o varias letras y por un número, que indican:

la materia (A Mecánica, B Informática, etc.)
la submateria (se indica en letras y números: A Tribología 001)
el número de orden dentro de cada apartado"

"The library of Tecnun has a system of classification of works of its own.The signature of each work is alphanumeric being formed by one or several letters and by a number, which indicate:

The matter (A Mechanics, B Computer science, etc.)
The sub-material (indicated in letters and numbers: A Tribology 001)
The order number within each section "

Brandenburgische Technische Universität (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg Systematik der Universitätsbibliothek

"Der für unsere Nutzer frei zugängliche Bestand der Universitätsbibliothek Cottbus ist in systematischer Reihenfolge aufgestellt. Die Systematik, die dieser Aufstellung zugrunde liegt, ist in verschiedene Hierarchieebenen aufgegliedert. Innerhalb jeder Ebene werden die verschiedenen Gruppen durch eine Notation dargestellt, die aus Ziffern und teilweise aus Ziffern und Buchstaben besteht."

"The inventory of the University Library of Cottbus, which is freely accessible to our users, is arranged in a systematic order, and the system underlying this list is divided into several hierarchical levels, within which the different groups are represented by a notation consisting of numbers and partial numbers Numbers and letters. "

Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Technologiegeschichte Deskriptoren / Schlagwörter der Bibliothekssystematik

"Die hier vorgestellte Systematik gilt für die Altbestände der Bibliothek (...). Im Zuge der Integration in die Fakultätsbibliothek erhalten alle Bücher eine neue Signatur nach Regensburger Klassifikation."

"In the course of the integration into the faculty library, all books are given a new signature according to the Regensburger classification."

Defence Technological and Scientific Thesaurus

"DEFTEST now contains 24000 entry terms with 155000 cross references. Approximately 1000 new terms have been added. The meaning or usage of terms and their hierarchies is represented by cross references. The hierarchical display assists in the choice of the most appropriate level of specificity for indexing and retrieval. (...) DEFTEST is not Intended as a comprehensive coverage of the fields of science and technology, but of Defence related topics in those fields, as represented inthe database."

Engineering-to-Biology Thesaurus

"Biological inspiration for engineering design has occurred through a variety of techniques such as database searches, keyword and antonym searches, knowledge of biology, observations of nature and other 'aha' moments. This research aims to alleviate the knowledge gap problem by providing a link between engineering and biology with a thesaurus. The biologically connotative terms that comprise the thesaurus were collected utilizing an organized verb-noun search; collocated words were extracted from texts based on a functional search word.

Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms

"In the fall of 1965, two large projects were set in motion to develop contemporary thesauri in the fields of engineering and science. One was originated by Engineers Joint Council to revise the first edition of its Thesaurus of Engineering Terms (1964); the other, by the Department of Defense, under the sponsorship of the Office of Naval Research and known as Project LEX, which had as its mission the development of the first Department of Defense technical thesaurus.