social life

Vocabulari panllatí de les xarxes socials

"Aquest vocabulari conté 114 termes relacionats amb les diferents xarxes socials, especialment el Facebook i el Twitter. Cada terme presenta les denominacions equivalents en sis llengües romàniques (català, castellà -variants d’Europa i de Mèxic-, francès, gallec, italià, i portuguès -variants d’Europa i de Brasil), amb els indicadors de categoria gramatical corresponents, i també en anglès. Les definicions són en català i, en alguns casos, també en castellà.

"This vocabulary contains 114 terms related to different social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. Each term has the equivalent names in six Romance languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish -variants Europe and Mexico, French, Galician, Italian and Portuguese -variants Europe and Brazil), with corresponding indicators speech and also in English. the definitions are in Catalan and, in some cases, also in Spanish. It has been elaborated within the framework of the Network Panlatin Terminology (really), which aims to promote the development of the Romance languages.

Vocabulari de la responsabilitat social

"La responsabilitat social de les empreses, les organitzacions i l’Administració pública és cada vegada més important en la societat actual. Per aquest motiu, el TERMCAT ha considerat necessària l’elaboració d’un recull terminològic que contingui la terminologia bàsica d’aquest àmbit. El vocabulari recull un total de 36 termes. Cada terme inclou les denominacions i la definició en català, els equivalents en castellà, francès, anglès i alemany, i, en alguns casos, aclariments conceptuals o notes d’exemple.

"The social responsibility of companies, organizations and public authorities is increasingly important in today's society. For this reason, TERMCAT considered necessary the elaboration of a terminology compilation containing the basic terminology of this field. the vocabulary includes a total of 36 terms. Each term and definition includes the names in Catalan equivalents in Spanish, French, English and German, and in some cases, conceptual clarifications or notes as an example.

Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Technologiegeschichte Deskriptoren / Schlagwörter der Bibliothekssystematik

"Die hier vorgestellte Systematik gilt für die Altbestände der Bibliothek (...). Im Zuge der Integration in die Fakultätsbibliothek erhalten alle Bücher eine neue Signatur nach Regensburger Klassifikation."

"In the course of the integration into the faculty library, all books are given a new signature according to the Regensburger classification."

Social History and Industrial Classification

"SHIC is a subject classification widely used by UK museums. It was created nearly 20 years ago by the SHIC Working Party which continues to develop it today. The first published edition appeared in 1983 and a revised second edition was published in 1993 with further updates in 1996. The Social History and Industrial Classification (SHIC) is designed to make links between a wide variety of museum material - objects, photographs, archival material, tape recordings, information files - according to the sphere of human activity with which they are primarily associated.