AP News Taxonomy

"The AP News Taxonomy is a comprehensive set of standardized vocabularies for describing English-language news content. Terms in the vocabularies cover all aspects of news: subjects, people, places, organizations, and more. When you submit content to the automated AP Tagging Service, the data that comes back is drawn from these vocabularies. Publishers may also choose to integrate the AP News Taxonomy into their own publishing systems to support manual tagging.

Archivo Linz de la Transición española Tesauro

"Contiene la relación de descriptores que definen los temas de los artículos y le ayudan a plantear sus búsquedas en el Archivo. La información sobre personajes, instituciones o legislación se encuentra bajo la pestaña superior Índices. Puede consultar el tesauro a partir del Listado Jerárquico o del Alfabético."

"It contains the list of descriptors that define the topics of the articles and help them to search the Archive. Information about characters, institutions or legislation is found under the indexes index.You can consult the thesaurus from the Hierarchical List or Of the Alphabet. "

IPTC NewsCodes

"For the news industry - but also far beyond - it is a strict requirement being able to assert something about the content of a news item, to apply so called metadata. This could be achieved either by free-text human language (e.g. by a headline or a caption) or by codes, NewsCodes. Codes have the advantage that they can be easily shared among users and as each code requires an explicit and comprehensive definition not only the codes but also their semantics can be shared among users.